UPSers Benefit Program for employees

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UPSers established by James Casey in 1907 today is the leading parcel delivering firm. Being the leading parcel delivery services, employees working for this firm gets numerous benefits. Below we have explained some UPSers benefits.

About UPSer Benefit Program

UPSers provides various services such as UPS capital, UPS store, logistics, etc. However, their primary services include delivering parcels and forwarding goods. A large number of benefits are provided by the UPSers to registered employees.

Tuition Assistance Program(TAP)

  • The firm assists the employees and trains them for the selective career. Beneficiaries include:

 a) Full-time employees

b) Half time employees

c) Employees serving on an hourly basis

  • TAP assists employees to go in more details about their specified fields. 

UPSers Benefits

Healthcare Programs

  • UPSers employees are eligible for various benefits after registration. It also covers accidental insurance along with lifetime health insurance.

Compensation Programs

  • UPSers is a firm that keeps customer satisfaction as its top priority. UPS is quite quick in terms of compensating lag in services. Employees working on an hourly basis are provided with some of the most lucrative compensation packages.

These are some great benefits offered by UPS to registered employees. So be quick and register yourself on the portal.

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